Care management and administration

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    Care management and administration is the area of competence for care workers that refers to knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to use ICT and the Internet to plan, organize, coordinate, document, prioritize, manage and administrate their care work. It refers to find information related to their work.

    This area of competence for care workers refers to communicate with other care workers or health professionals in relation to the care and treatment to ensure a relevant care for the care recipients and to communicate with health specialists to seek health related information or advice. It refers to document observations, prescriptions and deviation in order to ensure a flow in the care for the citizen.

    It refers to retrieve accessible information on the smartphone to prepare for meeting the care recipient. It refers to find information about the care routines and if there is something special to be aware of, to find information about where the things are located in the care recipients’ homes to act professional. The information flow ensures a consistency in the care provided to the care recipient.

    • Inefficiency and ineffectiveness.