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The Map of domains of competence describes the digital competences of the careNET project. The project identified competences through the analysis of data from Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom and on the basis of the research of DIGCOMP project( 1).

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The common digital competences for care recipients and care workers are the foundational areas of competences:
1. Technological orientation,
2. Information seeking and management,
3. Communication, collaboration and participation,
4. Creation of content and knowledge,
5. Privacy and security,
6. Informed decision making and problem-solving.

The specific digital competences for the care recipients are the day-to-day areas of competences:
1. Online transactions,
2. Social connections,
3. Wellbeing,
4. Leisure,
5. Community participation,
6. Self-expression.

The specific digital competences for the care workers are the vocational areas of competences:
1. Care management and administration,
2. Peer learning,
3. Employability,
4. Enabling the ICT use by others.

(1) Ferrari, Anusca (2013): DIGCOM: A Framework for Developing and Understanding Digital Competence in Europe. JRC Scientific and Policy Reports. Report EUR 26035 EN. Accessed 28th August 2013 on