Orientación tecnológica

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    Technological orientation is the common area of competence for care workers and care recipients that refer to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that one needs for effective, efficient, safe and correct use of ICT technologies and media.

    It refers to knowledge about the general functions of the hardware as the mouse and keyboard. It refers to knowledge and skills to adjust the settings of the hardware and the software to support the user’s needs.

    It is about knowing and understanding the concept of the Internet, i.e. what is a browser, where ones data is and who has access to the data. It also refers to know the difference between Internet tools and services at a simple and basic level e.g. how do the Web and an e-mail differ.

    It refers to the basic knowledge of how the interface is working, and the principles or structures behind it e.g. the folder and file structure on computers and how do cut – copy – paste operations work within and across applications.

    It refers to knowledge and skills to manage device interfaces e.g. connecting a printer, managing upgrades to ICT devices e.g. system software and printer drivers.
    It refers to knowledge and skills about what to expect on a webpage as reading the screen layout and navigating the visual layout.

    • Anxiety and worry about breaking things i.e. hardware and software.
    • Dependency of others in relation to handling ICT
    • Inefficiency and ineffectiveness in daily activities and work.