Communication, collaboration and participation

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    Communication, collaboration and participation is the common area of competence for care workers and care recipients that refers to the knowledge, skills and attitudes for communicating online through software or applications, with awareness of privacy, safety and netiquette.

    It refers to connect and create with other users and to participate in online communities and networks. It also involves interacting constructively with others and to participate in online activities and to interact with others in relation to different kind of actions.

    It refers to learning the protocols for communication and to understand how digital information is distributed, displayed and managed, both in synchronous and asynchronous communication.

    It refers to maintain connections with others in written or spoken online communication.

    It refers to online organizing and working collaboratively with others.

    • Loneliness
    • Lack of connectedness to friends, peers, relatives and the community
    • Inactiveness in the day-to-day life and/or work life
    • Inflexibility in relation to meet and do things together  with others