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    Welcome on the competency wiki!

    A wiki is a webpage that allows you to co-edit and create content through an identifier. As all the users of the wiki you could take part to its continuous improvement and enrichment.

    The content of this wiki is the domains and areas of digital competences for care workers and care recipients.

    This competence wiki is one of the 3 tools of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of the careNET pilot. It introduces :

    • The Map of domains of competences. The Map shows the 3 domains of digital competences. Each domain is divided into several areas of competences.
    • The domains and areas of competences.Access the domains and areas of competences in the sub-wikis underneath this page!

    During your training you may use this competency wiki in 3 ways :
    1)    You may read the wiki to discover and understand the domains and areas of the digital competences that you will acquire.
    2)    You may use the wiki to answer your Learner’s diary after each activity of the training.
    3)    You may edit or comment the domains and areas of digital competences. We invite you to express yourself on the domains and areas of competences.


    How to comment?

    If you want to give your opinion about a page or answer the comment of another user, you may comment a page of the wiki.

    In order to comment pages, you have to access to the “Discussion” tab above the content of the page. You will find a text box ” Leave a reply”. You need then to enter your name and your e-mail address, to write your comment and to click on the button “Post comment” underneath the text box.


    If you want to change your posted comment, you just have to click on the “Edit” button on the bottom of the text box.


    How to edit?

    If you want to add or modify words and sentences, do not hesitate to edit a page of the wiki. We are very interested by your opinion! If you suppress some content, it is not lost, we are able to get it back!


    In order to edit pages you need to be logged in to the wiki. Your facilitator gave you a username and a password.
    To edit a page, simply touch the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.


    Once you are on the editor, you may change all the content of the page. When you change the content you can touch the “Save” button underneath the page.


    Your modification is saved!


    How to add a page?

    You may add a page if you want to create a new domain or a new area of competences!
    Simply touch the “Create new” tab above the content of the page. You need to login to add a new page. Enter the username and password that your facilitator gave you and you received throught your Gmail account. You then access to your new page.

    You may write a title and a content in the text box. You may write “DRAFT” if you only want to write a draft page.
    When you have created your page do not forget to touch the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.


    Now you can start using the wiki!