Social media: a way to professionalisation

Social media offer workers new environments to exchange, get informed and connected: professional networks. Each professional network is characterized by its organisation and the services proposed to its members. Although several types of professional network appeared online all are fostering the professionalisation of workers.

Online professional networks may gather together workers from a particular sector and a specific work. Workers may express their needs, their issues and their challenges thanks to a private environment gathering peers. In this way they share a professional interest with the members of the network unlike less exclusive social networks.

Besides the professional network is a way to promote the careers and the businesses of its members through blogs or personal pages. They air not only their issues but also their results and successes. Businessmen and women may advertise their enterprises and workers may promote their curriculum vitae. In this way the network become a tool to reach customers and employers.

Another service of the professional network is peer recognition. The network further facilitates the exchanges of contacts and the recommendations between members. Thanks to your membership your contacts may also increase the value of your e-Portfolio by adding comments or validating your competences.

The professional network could also become an environment to promote vocational training. For instance in Cornwall the network for women entrepreneurs Leading women UK  organise free training workshops for their members on a monthly basis. The network target topics to support the working life of their members and made the booking of workshops available online.

The professional network is not necessarily based on virtual connections. For instance the French professional network Work’n’meet suggest its members meeting during a lunch. The creators of the website identify the lunch as the traditional moment to negotiate future professional contracts. They thus recall the first function of a professional network: the employment.

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Author: Laure Lhermet

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