University College Lillebaelt (UCL) is a university of applied science and offers education programs contributing to the ongoing development of the society. UCL covers a part of the Southern Region of Denmark and has approximately 7.000 students and 700 employees. UCL has campuses on both sites of the strait Littlebaelt between the island Funen and the Jutland Peninsula. The Campuses are placed in Odense and Svendborg on Funen and Vejle and Jelling in Jutland. UCL is collaborating closely with the Region of Southern Denmark and the 12 municipalities in the region in terms of supporting independent living for the citizens and patients at home.

    UCL has educations on a bachelor degree level for professions as social educators, teachers, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, biomedical laboratory scientists, public administrators and social workers. UCL offers post graduate education at diploma supplement degree level and courses, conferences etc.

    UCL’s department for research and innovation manages and participates as partners in projects into research, development and innovation both at a national and an international level. UCL has a special focus on research and innovation in relation to the development and use of technology supporting the welfare for the citizens in the society as information and communication technology (ICT) and ambient assisted living technology.

    Ms. Annette Dalsgaard Vilain graduated as a midwife in 1990 and in 2003 she completed a Master degree of Education in Health Promotion and Education, The Danish University of Education. In 2012 she completed a Master in ICT and Learning at Aalborg University. She has been lecturing at the midwifery education and post graduate health education. As a senior lecturer and consultant at University College Lillebaelt she works with project management in research, development and innovation projects in relation to post graduate education, health, ambient assisted living and ICT.

    Ms. Stina Meyer Larsen graduated as an occupational therapist in 2000 and she completed a Master in Rehabilitation i 2006. As a senior lecturer in occupational therapy at University College Lillebaelt she workes primarily with national and international projects concerning ambient assisted living and ICT.

    Ms. Anna-Maj Stride Geyti has a BA in Anthropology and Education from Aarhus University and a MA (Ed) in Educational Sociology, The Danish University of Education. She works as R&D Consultant in University College Lillebaelt (UCL). As a member of the staff of the Research and Development Unit, she works on different projects that aims to develop new technology, new work-processes, and new flexible learning environment across public and private organizations related to education, health and social work.

    Ms. Nini Jensby Nielsen is librarian and graduated as Master in Information Science in 2009. She is working at the library in University College Lillebaelt doing searches and search strategies for research to support researchers, leaders, lecturers and students. In the CareNET project she is working specially with the literature searches, and the development of and the data collection in the questionnaires in work package 2.


    Official contact person for the project:
    Annette Dalsgaard Vilain
    Senior Lecturer and Consultant

    Official signatory person:
    Kim Koldby
    Department Manager in Post Graduate Education