The Institute FEPEM for Family Employment is the Vocational Training Institute of the French Federation of Household Employers (FEPEM) that counts with 3.5 millions of individual family employers and 2 millions of individual employees in three branches: household services, childcare and long term care. The Institute plays a major role in the professionalisation of domestic workers.

    The missions of the institute are:

    – To contribute to policy making regarding the rights of domestic workers to access to vocational training and better jobs opportunities;

    – To design and develop vocational training programmes at national level for the three sectors of family employment: household services, childcare and long term care; including distance and eLearning programmes with more than 60 specialised courses for the professionalisation of domestic workers;

    – To organise at national level the delivery of vocational training for domestic workers via a network of 300 organisations accredited to the quality and excellence in training provision across the country.

    – To organise and support the process of recognition of prior learning and professional experiences (validation of acquired experience – VAE) for domestic workers who have 3 years and 3000 hours of experience within the last 5 years;

    – To deliver official certifications for basic vocational training (level V) corresponding to the Professional Skills Certificate, and to the Vocational Baccalaureate: a) Maternal assistant and childcare, b) Assistant to dependent people, c) Household employee. These qualifications are registered in the French national directory of professional certifications. The relevant competence frameworks have also been developed by the Institute.

    – To undertake research in the area of professionalization of domestic workers access and participation in vocational training and continuous education.

    Ms Margarita Perez Garcia, Senior Researcher and Consultant in European Cooperation in Education & Training

    Mr  Fabien Morvan  DEA – Social Issues and Communication Technologies and DESS – Director Multimedia and Electronic Publishing – University of Paris 8, Research topic: “HNLS: A tool for knowledge management”, 2004. Lecturer at Université Paris 8 since 2005. Independent Chief Software Engineer. Architected and developed complete web-based platforms interfaces with external APIs. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, FLEX, FMS, Red5, XML, JavaScript / Ajax, JAVA, Elgg, Drupal, Joomla, UML, Flash, CSS2…

    Official contact person for the project:

    Gloria ORTIZ, european projects officer
    Tel: 0033 670 291 811
    Email: gloria.ortiz@iperia.eu