The FBIS is a Private Foundation for Investigation in a Public Hospital and the research office of the University Healthcare Complex (Complejo Asistencial Universitario) in Burgos.

    The FBIS is responsible for managing clinical and basic research in the hospital, has considerable experience in research quality management, and in dealing with the legal and ethic aspects involved in research  projects.

    The last three years, the Foundation has managed more than 250 research projects, including the clinical investigation of 198 clinical trials and 117 research projects funded by public and private agencies, at national and international level. The research results have been appeared in a total of 251 scientific publications,  that together reach a total impact factor of 423’53. Many other scientific activities are represented by the teaching of thirteen editions of a PhD program, many doctoral theses, presentation of scientific papers at meetings and congresses and the organization of various scientific activities in Burgos.

    The annual reports are published in the FBIS web page of the Foundation (http://www.fbis.org) and are published also on paper, including the annual report of voluntary audit of the financial statements of the FBIS.

    Mrs. Jana Arribas Fontaneda has a Degree in Management and Business Administration. She has experience in hospital management. In the Foundation she is the person in charge of the accounting and finance, she also has worked as a professor of Business Organization in the University of Burgos.

    Ms. Silvia Ruiz Crespo, has a Degree in Food Technology at the University of Burgos with international experience (Erasmus Grant, University of Bologna, Italy). She has experience conducting research using telemedicine devices.

    Dr. María Jesús Coma, is a Histopathology specialist. She has a Master degree in Management of Healthcare Centres and Services, a Master degree in Bioethics and she is an expert in  Clinical Research Methodology (Carlos III Health Institute). She manages a staff made up of financial workers, lawyers, researchers, technicians, and administrative personnel. The FBIS incorporates the Institutional Review Board and Research Committee.

    Dr Trejo Gabriel y Galan holds a PhD in  Neuroscience. He is a experienced neurologist and Head of the Neurology Department of the University Healthcare Complex with considerable experience in clinical research. He is also an Assistant Professor at Burgos University and an active member of the Spanish and the European Neurological Associations.

    Dr. Esther Cubo works in the Neurology Department, is a Neurological Movement Disorders consultant, and she is responsible for the Movement Disorders Unit. She has substantial experience in national public health grants (for example an epidemiological study of patients with tic disorders, and the National PD registry), and international grants on telemedicine (MJ Fox Foundation grant 2008-2010). She is also part of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Neurological Society and a member of the Movement Disorders group of the Spanish Neurological association, the American Academy of Neurology and the International Movement Disorders Society.

    Carmen Perez Hidalgo has a Degree in Psychology and Nursing. She is member of the Ethical Committee of Research in Burgos and Teacher of the University School of Nursing. She is involved in coordinating several research projects of nurses in the field of education, and quality of life of patients and caregivers. She is in charge of continuing nursing education.


    Official contact person for the project:

    Dr Maria Jesus Coma Head of Research Unit