Medical tablets in the service of care workers

Mobile technologies have been proved as a useful tool in the hands of care workers and care recipients since they are used in a variety of tasks related to health care issues. Mobile devices can especially improve effectively the professional life of care workers and make data more accessible.

A recent survey of health care professionals and administrators has shown that 60% have used their tablet at work for at least one year, 28% for two years and 7% for three years. It is also notable that many hospitals and clinics are purchasing tablets for their workers. The question is how care workers use tablets in their work? Mobile devices have lots of advantages which the most important is the access to medical records and information. This function keeps care workers informed of their patients’ clinical condition. Furthermore, they could use a tablet for scheduling appointments, communicating with doctors or coworkers and managing drug prescription. In this way care workers would be more focused on patient care than on administrative duties. In Greece tablets would enable the care workers who mostly do not have certified digital competences to use technology in an easier and more convenient way: they would increase their productivity and also care patients more effectively.

However should a tablet used for health care possess specific features? Tablets are usually designed for home users and therefore lacked in functionalities for health professionals. The CyberNet company designs computers for unique environment and computing needs. Within research in health care industry CyberNET designed the CyberMed T10 tablet for employees in the health care sector. It is loaded with all the features that a health care professional needs including antimicrobial coating and hygienic aluminum housings. Besides its touch screen can be used with medical gloves. It is also easy to carry due to its light weight and its handle though the most important feature remains the equipment of systems used in medical environments facilitating the work of care workers and doctors.

So what better for care workers to benefit of mobile technology by using medical grade tablets? In this way their job becomes easier and more convenient enabling secure access anywhere!


Author: Theofili Smprini

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