“Hi. We are doing our best with my employer, the tablet screen is too shiny for his eyes and his hands are shaking. We played a memory game and had a good laugh. Thank you IPERIA for this pilot that allowed me to develop a different relationship with my employer. The project smashes even if it is not always easy”, Mrs P.

” We bought goods on the website wwww.carre-lutz.com, my employer was very surprised by the delivery speed. He found new memory game and we developed together new simple menus thanks to new recipes”, Mrs A.

” We went on the forum “Notre Temps” and we read the topics about high blood pressure and especially a post about the headache and high blood pressure. My employer told me that she used to have a specific oil. I answered that we will do online research and we found the oil. We will buy it but not online. In this way my employer can see the usefulness of the tablet”, Mrs M.

“It is not easy to find a motivation for an older people! My employer does not like to play scrabble or domino on the tablet. We thus answered memory and QI tests. I developed her curiosity with Google Maps. We watched her actual home, her previous accommodations, the house where she was born in a little village in Jura. Finally she asked to use the tablet! “And my parents’ house, can we also see it ? Before to touch the tablet we needed time. I let her alone with the tablet and told her that she needed to touched it to keep it on. She very slowly moved forward but did not dare touching it as if the screen will eat her finger. Then she answered a memory test by herself. “, Mrs C.

“I discussed with my son from New-Zealand thanks to Skype and especially thanks to the tablet! It did not work indeed with computers and the tablet made thus the connection. And on Christmas day… There were my mother, my other son and his girlfriend and on the screen my soon G. on the other side of the world… We discussed more than on hour and it was amazing!!! I thank the whole organisation for this priceless hapiness”, Mrs C.

“I am fostering all the older people to enter the digital world. The tablet increases longevity”, MrsY.

“I hope to mobilise a lot of people and further develop the functionalities and uses”, Unknown person.

“A huge Thank you to the IPERIA team. I will remember with joy this pilot even if we worked a lot to achieve it. This allowed me to meet lovely persons and especially my learning group and the facilitators.”, Mrs S.

“Hello, I am very glad to take part to this pilot. I could test the tablet with my employer and she loved to communicate through Skype”, Mrs V.

“Thanks iperia for this carenet pilot which gave us the opportunity to learn and share the digital literacy betwen care workers and employers with the support of our facilitator. Thanks to Mrs C. to join and testimony during the last session”, Mrs S.