The Carer+ Users and Stakeholders Review Panel composed of twenty Europeans experts and stakeholders from all sectors of the Caring community met in Brussels on 6th June to review the Carer+ ‘Competence Framework’.

The Validation Workshop involved discussions and interactive working sessions using an approach based on ‘Action Learning Sets’ This aimed to provide an ‘open and safe’ space to enable critical reflection to take place; to represent the different ‘voices’ and points of view  of key stakeholders in the domain; and to promote ‘sense-making’ and develop a common position on the competence framework and what, if any, changes needed to be made to it.
In the event, the experts involved in the workshop were very complementary about the competence framework and, more broadly, about the work that Carer+ has accomplished in its first year. They also provided many valuable comments and suggestions to improve it.  The Digital Competence Framework will be available to the public soon.

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